Yesterday’s podium position was short-lived after it was ruled to disqualify JTR cars #8 and #77 from the race for a minor safety infringement following post-race scrutineering. Although the fault with both cars in absolutely no way affected their performance, the rules in place to protect the drivers unfortunately carry equally as harsh penalties. As it stands all points earned by both cars in Round 3 have been forfeited, although the details of the new drop point rule are unclear and thus the drivers should be able to drop this disqualification. 

This morning Dino said “I’m absolutely gutted. I drove my heart out for 2nd with fastest lap, and the smallest of errors from the team has cost us severely. In 10 years of racing I’ve never had an issue like this. JTR are a new team to the championship so a misread like this, whilst it shouldn’t happen, can happen. It’s frustrating and infuriating and I feel let down, but we have to draw a line under it and move on. As ever I’ll rise to the challenge and keep the pressure on for that top spot." 

"We’re far from out of the running, on the contrary; this series just got a whole lot more interesting.”